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Experience two waterfall views on a single zipline

About Munnar

Set at an altitude of 6000ft, Munnar is the dream destination for every nature lovers. It's the place you would love to visit, it's the place you wish never to leave.

Zipline in Munnar, Kerala

Take a ride in an exciting, thrilling ride with Falls Adventures' zipline located in Munnar's breathtaking surroundings. Our zip line takes you behind a waterfall that overflows as you move through the tall trees. The view in this situation is one of a kind that beckons one to simply enjoy the majestic scenery.

Located in Munnar, where the air is pure and waterfalls abound, our zipline offers an exciting ride above the surroundings of the natural wonder as you zip through majestic falls while remaining in the pleasant ambiance of Kerala landscapes.

Price (Adult 18+ Yrs): Rs 500 per Person Charge (Kids - Younger Than 17 Years): Rs 500 per People Come and see the exquisite Zipline over a "Waterfall".

Zipline in Munnar with Falls Adventures - Why They are the Best Choice.?

Check out Falls Adventures in Munnar to experience why zipline is one of the best activities in Kerala. Ziplining is not only an adventure, it is a plunge into the heart-rending panorama of Munnar’s natural beauty.

As you fly over, you get a glimpse of the spectacular scenery, full of luxuriant greenery, majestic mountains, and the ones that cascade, the memories you make will last you a lifetime.

The uniqueness of Falls Adventures is in the safety and professionalism of our team. The zipline course we have set up is intended to offer a fun and exciting adventure that is yet safe for participants who are of different age groups.

Whether you love adventures or someone who wants to try something new, zipline in Munnar is an adventurous way to add a little more excitement to your Kerala travel. Come to Falls Adventures and soar over the breathtaking scenery of Kerala on one of the top zip lines in the Munnar.

Zipline In Munnar Highlights
  • Falls Adventures is One of the best ways to explore Munnar through a zipline.
  • The majestic views of Munnar are waiting for you while you engage in exciting adventure sports!
  • Fly across the sky on our zip-line and feel the exhilaration of nature while viewing the scenic landscapes of forests and hills.
  • This is your chance to feel the adrenaline rush as you will be flying across the longest zipline in India which covers a distance of 1.8 kilometers.
  • Enjoy the thrill of seeing it all from a bird's view.
  • Conclude with a lasting memory after having experienced an amazing adventure that has a waterfall as your backdrop.


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